Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Our star behind a tree

I just liked this picture, nothing to say really. This tree is near Englewood Elementary. Posted by Picasa

Hidden places

It seems almost all of my life I've been one that likes to go places I'm not supposed to go. This has got me in plenty of trouble over the years. I still have this now, but it's a little calmer and maybe a little less dangerous than it was a few years ago. But still I find myself wanting hop the wall, climb the fence, or break the lock from time to time. Not to do anything wrong, just to see something new I guess. I think it is a fine skill to know what locks to break or walls to climb in your life. Some are there for good reasons it seems, but others are just hiding something beautiful. I snapped this picture underneath a bridge on Placida Road in Englewood.

Friday, February 24, 2006


wishing you were here
glowing with your lush wisdom
my moon in the day


Dreams can be both good and bad as we all know. Sometimes in your life you succeed but fail in your dreams. Sometimes in your life you fail but succeed in your dreams. I believe it is impotant to try not to fail at both at the same time.

Photo of a dock on Lemon Bay
Englewood FL.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Foggy Morning

Riding a bike to work is really one of the best things I have been doing lately. Today it was very foggy so I took my time and snapped some pictures on the way. This one was taken off of South McCall Road in Englewood. Somebody is lucky enought to have this in their front yard! I'm very fortunate to live in a place where it hardly gets cold. If you live close enough to where you work or go to school you should try it. If you take the back roads you see all kinds of pretty things that you would never notice while driving. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Magic things

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Funny how little things can be so magical sometimes. What I am learning these days is when these things happen, you should really notice them. Take them in as a whole, or rather when the whole presents itself, be aware of it and thank god for showing it to you. Because it is the whole that is important, the parts that make up the whole are always around you. To try and figure out the whole can be troublesome at times, thats when you should enjoy it's parts. By then you will realize you were not seeing the whole corectly. Because you were not noticing the parts from trying to only see the whole. The parts are just as important, because they complete the whole.
Put your mind in the trees and your heart in your eyes and ears.

This tree is growing out of a mound at Indian Mound park in Englewood Florida