Water in hot Oil

I just washed my iron skillet and dried it off by heating it on the stovetop as I always do. I poured a little oil in there the keep it moist for future use as I always do. There were a few little drops of water on the side that hadn't dried yet that dripped down into the hot oil. The little drops burst into little tinier droplets and danced around the oil in every which way then suddenly went "pop!" one by one and with that pop, they were gone.
To me this was surely a form of life. As I watched these little bubbles of water dance around on their oily universe, I wondered if in that tiny little droplet of water there might had been little tiny planets and little tiny people and little tiny scientists trying to figure out how the iron skillet began. If this be the case, I'd like to tell them it began how I have just described, well really it began from the skillet I bought at big lots, or the water from my sink, or the heat from the stove, or the iron mined out of the earth to make the pan, or hydrogen and oxygen, or the electricity that comes to my oven to heat it, or the wires that bring electricity to my house, or the coal burned to make the electricity, or the pipes that bring the water to my house, or the spring that the water in my pipes came from, or the............................................
I can't help but think a scientific unified theory is like the donkey with a carrot dangling from a string in front of it's face. Posted by Picasa


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