Hidden places

It seems almost all of my life I've been one that likes to go places I'm not supposed to go. This has got me in plenty of trouble over the years. I still have this now, but it's a little calmer and maybe a little less dangerous than it was a few years ago. But still I find myself wanting hop the wall, climb the fence, or break the lock from time to time. Not to do anything wrong, just to see something new I guess. I think it is a fine skill to know what locks to break or walls to climb in your life. Some are there for good reasons it seems, but others are just hiding something beautiful. I snapped this picture underneath a bridge on Placida Road in Englewood.


Kerry M. Conway said…

i LOVE this picture! amazing...

thank you for all of your recent comments on my blog. i enjoy reading and viewing your blog.

may i link you to my site?

your friend,


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