Magic things

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Funny how little things can be so magical sometimes. What I am learning these days is when these things happen, you should really notice them. Take them in as a whole, or rather when the whole presents itself, be aware of it and thank god for showing it to you. Because it is the whole that is important, the parts that make up the whole are always around you. To try and figure out the whole can be troublesome at times, thats when you should enjoy it's parts. By then you will realize you were not seeing the whole corectly. Because you were not noticing the parts from trying to only see the whole. The parts are just as important, because they complete the whole.
Put your mind in the trees and your heart in your eyes and ears.

This tree is growing out of a mound at Indian Mound park in Englewood Florida


Kerry M. Conway said…
ohhhh... i love this one! magical indeed!

keep your camera loaded! you have a natural eye for nature and beauty.

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