Quarantine Lockdown

2020 has been a challenging year so far. But I am thankful because things could have been much worse considering all that has happened.

In March I contracted Covid-19, it lasted about two weeks, I was sick yes, but never got really serious. I had aches, fever, loss of smell, and a mild tightness in lungs with a light cough.

After I recovered from that, I fell down the stairs in my apartment building when I was going out to get the mail. This was probably worse than the virus in many ways, but again I was very lucky considering it was nearly a full flight of cement stairs. I didn't break anything, or hit my head, I was just was extremely banged up and in pain for a couple weeks.

Loved ones here with me have been sick as well, but everyone is getting better.

On the bright side I have been playing a lot of guitar, and really enjoying it. Getting a lot done on YouTube as well.

I hope all of you reading this are staying safe and doing alright. Love to you.


All photos here taken with ViviCam 7022


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