Saturday, January 09, 2010

lost and soulless

I see them all around me. They're the dishonest bunch. Eyes weeping with no tears that give away the secret unhappiness they hide. They respond, but not correctly. They talk, but not openly. They play not not cheerfully. This saddens me. They surround me trying to pull me down into their pit of mistakes and self-delusion. Why are they this way? What happened to so many people today. Is it really that bad? Why did they stop trying? Are they really this sad? Crows picking- Scavenging- Stealing from one another in a desperate attempt to feed their delicate egos on carcasses of dead dreams they are unable to fully form. Jealously runs their mouths the way a crank started an olde-timy motor. The void of self-importance is so large its darkness shines as a pure black light of critique and vengeful sweet talk. Desperate for a look of approval, they hate those who don't need it. The carrier of confidence is a target for the split tongue of critique with the intension to elevate the empty. Many times these lost and soulless ones will surround me in a last ditch effort to take down an undesired outsider's smile. It won't work. They will never take me down. When they want to exert what they think is power, I let them. Then I smile. I continue to listen to them. I look into their eyes, deeply, right into the hole that can never be filled by their selfish...........future.

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